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Cake Decorating Equipment
Basic/Essential Equipment

Here are a list of items that you will use throughout the course, some of which are just everyday household items and some are specialist cake making items.  You do not need all these at the beginning of the course and can obtain them as required.  At the end of each lesson you will be told what you need for the following week.  Sometimes I will bring in consumables which you can purchase from me rather than buying a large pack of your own.  For example for lesson one you will need 8 wires, these usually come in packs of 30-50 so I will bring them into class and we will spit the cost between the class, so it could cost you 50p instead of £3.  Of course if you prefer you can buy your own.

General Items To Bring Each Week, you will probably have most of these already.

Small sharp vegetable knife
Desert/table spoon
Cocktail sticks
Wooden skewers
12” ruler (flat backed) metal if possible but a stiff plastic one will be ok
Plastic set square (like you use at school)
Small artists brush
Pizza cutter
Cling film
Plastic bags (sandwich/freezer)

Essential Cake Making Equipment , you will be told when you need these items so you don't need to buy them all at once.

6" Pallet Knife , costs approx £4.99 - week one
Smoother with square edges- cost approx £4.99
Small Plastic Rolling Pin - cost approx £3-£5
Large Plastic Rolling Pin
M1 Piping nozzel - for making cupcakes cost approx £2.50
Plastic Piping Bag(s) - Wheelers sell individual ones for 20p

Items Needed for Lesson 6 19.02.14

1kg sugarpaste white
pink or blue sugarpaste/colouring if you have some 
8" round sponge see recipe below torted (levelled & cut/filed with jam an buttercream) placed in centre of board/drum (size below) and covered in buttercream. So you are bringing an already prepared cake ready to cover with sugarpaste.
Little extra buttercream 3 tbs?
 10-12" round drum and box to take cake home
small pallet knife
large rolling pin if you have one
small sharp knife with straight edge
1m 15mm ribbon to match cake
 glue and brush
Serrated knife to carve cake with
round cookie cutters 
pink or blue sugar pearls if you have some
for cake 6 eggs, 12 oz self raising flour, 12oz caster sugar, 12oz buttery spread.  combine all ingredients for a few minutes until smooth.  Pour in to an 8" round lined tin  with damp newspaper round the outside in centre of oven (fan 135○c) for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs until cooked. turn after 45 mins being careful not to  leave oven door open too long. leave in tin for 10 mins before turning out onto a wire rack to cool. If you had trouble with the cake last time, divide mix and bake in two separate tins but note the cooking tin wil be a lot less approx 1hr.


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